Fume Hood
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Last Updated
11 Jun 2020
Minimum Order
1 Pieces

Specification of Fume Hood

MKV-FS01 Stainless Steel Acid Cabinets

Call / WA: 0813 1482 8465
Email: k111222999@yahoo.com

Structure Cabinet Cabinet body panels / Doors and draws panel materials:
Steel Cold Rolled Steel JIS G3141 SPCC-SD
Thickness 0.8 ~ 1.2mm
Structure with suspended system
All the steel parts by pickling, posphated surface treatment
Finishing by the epoxy resin powder coating

Workbench: Granite or Phenolic Resin, or Stainless Steel
Door: Stainless Rail, Sliding with transparent tempered glass
Rail: 2 units x 73cm x dia. 1,5cm with Door Opening max. 55cm

Lighting: 1 unit, 18W, 1030Lm, 604mm x dia, 26mm

The suction blower installed at the top is made of PP Chemical resistant which can be chosen:
1 / 2PK PP Blower: 1 Phase 220V 370W, 2800RPM, 313-735Pa, 2300CMH
PP 1PK Blower: 3 Phase 380V 750W, 1400 RPM, 380Pa, 2500CMH
Output Connector dia. 8 "
Optional (not included): Chimney and Scrubber

Water Line:
Water Tap: PP, Overall length: 455mm, Dia .: 26 mm

Water valve controller / Water valve control: Located on the front side of the fume hood, L.235 mm, Knob Dia. 44 mm x 55 mm

Sink: PP, H.210mm x Mouth Dia. 184mm x Bottom Dia.46mm, equipped with PP bottle trap size: H.22xW.10mm; Inlet Dia .: 53mm with connector Ring; Outlet Dia: 47mm

Gas Line (Optional / Not included):
Gas tap, Gas output safety lock valve, H.215 mm, Knob dia ± 30 mm
Gas valve controller with safety lock, L.390 mm, Knob dia ± 30 mm

Electrical Line:
Power Line Cable:
Plug: 2 feet or 3 feet for connection to a power source (1 unit)
Electric on / off switch for lights and blowers: There is a front side of the fume hood (1 set)
Provided 1 line socket for electrical connection equipment such as magnetic stirrers, mixers, etc. as needed (1 unit).

- Drawer Storage Equipment (3 units)
- Bottom door for temporary storage

Color and size: Color and size to order or according to stock material in the market

Steel Fume Hoods: Stainless Steel Table Top
BBESTS 12 Dimensions (p x l x t): 120 x 60 x 240 cm, Blower: ½ HP
BBESTS 15 Dimensions (p x l x t): 150 x 60 x 240 cm, Blower: ½ HP
BBESTS 18 Dimensions (p x l x t): 180 x 60 x 240 cm, Blower: 1 HP

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