Fume Hood
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16 Jun 2020
Minimum Order
1 Unit

Specification of Fume Hood

MKV-FW01 Local Fume Hood

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Body, Wall and Drawer: Material from Plywood with a main thickness of 18mm, other thickness of plywood from 6mm to 15mm. Plywood from selected materials, strong with meranti or equivalent meranti wood on face and back and inner side coated with HPL (Soft finishing).
Playwood is coated with HPL according to ISO 4586 thickness ± 0.10 mm surface wear resistance 400, and dry resistance is up to 180ºC, some inner is coated with decosheet.

Workbench Mat: Black Granite or phenolic resin, or stainless steel
Door: Stainless Rail, Sliding with transparent glass
Rail: 2 units x 73cm x dia. 1,5cm with Door Opening max. 55cm

Lighting: 1 unit, 18W, 1030Lm, 604mm x dia, 26mm

Water Line:
Water Tap: PP, Overall length: 455mm, Dia .: 26 mm

Water valve controller / Water valve control: Located on the front side of the fume hood, L.235 mm, Knob Dia. 44 mm x 55 mm

Sink: PP, H.210mm x Mouth Dia. 184mm x Bottom Dia.46mm, equipped with PP bottle trap size: H.22xW.10mm; Inlet Dia .: 53mm with connector Ring; Outlet Dia: 47mm

Gas Line (Optional):
Gas tap, Gas output safety lock valve, H.215 mm, Knob dia ± 30 mm
Gas valve controller with safety lock, L.390 mm, Knob dia ± 30 mm

Electrical Line:
Power Line Cable:
Plug: 2 feet or 3 feet for connection to a power source (1 unit)
Electric on / off switch for lights and blowers: There is a front side of the fume hood (1 set)
Provided 1 line socket for electrical connection equipment such as magnetic stirrers, mixers, etc. as needed (1 unit).

- Drawer Storage Equipment (3 units)
- Bottom door for temporary storage

Color and size according to order or depending on stock material in the market

Commonly produced Fume Hood sizes:
Ceramic Desk Cabinets
BESTK 12 Dimensions (p x l x t): 120 x 60 x 240 cm, Blower: ½ HP
BESTK 15 Dimensions (p x l x t): 150 x 60 x 240 cm, Blower: ½ HP
BESTK 18 Dimensions (p x l x t): 180 x 60 x 240 cm, Blower: 1 HP

Stainless Steel Countertop 304 Stainless Steel
Granite Countertop Cabinets
Phenolic Resin Table Acid Cabinets

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